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The high rates of suicide lead to great talent lost. Teachers and counselors often feel unprepared to deal with mental illness in the classroom. The Guardians teaches educators how to best serve the students who suffer from mental health conditions. It helps teachers to better identify the students who are impacted, so that they may be able to direct them to a diagnostician. This helps to ensure that students receive the services and accommodations they need. The workshops provide an overview of teaching strategies that can help the student learn, and shows teachers how to properly implement accommodations in the classroom. Our goal is to assist in the development of an environment in which students are able to perform their best.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

The Guardian’s mission is to empower school districts to better serve students by training teachers on mental illness in a collaborative and active learning environment.

Vision Statement

The Guardians will develop educational environments in which students with mental illness can thrive


All individuals are worthy of quality education.

Everyone is worthy of dignity and respect.

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